Wildlife Art


This ongoing photographic project celebrates Wildlife Art with...

...Anthropomorphic and Fine Art values in nature photography.

scallop eyes . Stunning blue eyes of a scallop shell from Australia's remote Kimberley shores.

Photographic art on this site is representative of the...

...Line of Sight Exhibition by Broome photographer Peter Strain

The photographic artist is present in each picture. Not that you can see him...

...but you can see that the photographer intentionally influences the way we see the photo to make the picture something more than a straight forward and objective record of a marine creature.

The pictures take on intentionally strongly imposed human values - sometimes poised like a product in a TV commercial, sometimes cartooonish like a TV image; and sometimes just plain beautiful like a colorful graphic art image created in a studio. But they are all nature photographs shot on location.

billboard . The West Australian Museum hosted a major exhibition for Line of Sight during 2011. This is Jim Cook, the main Designer/Installer who worked on the exhibition, with the photographer Peter Strain, at a big billboard at Fremantle Railway station.

The Line of Sight Exhibition is a collection of amazing nature photography that draws from the influences and techniques of contemporary media imagery to engage human emotion and draw attention to one of the most spectacular and rich remote coastal environments on earth - Australia's Kimberley coast... near Broome, Australia

Wildlife art is the oldest form of art on the planet with early rock art depicting wildlife dating back many thousands of years.

In modern times it has been dominated by painting and sketching work often presenting a sense of reverence toward nature and highly sought after as decorative wall art and collectors art. However, recently...

...photographic art has encroached on the world of fine art in paying homage to nature.

While wildlife photography has been more thought of as pure nature photography this website and exhibition material sets out to show that...

...modern nature photography can be fascinating and compelling art as well.

And wildlife photography can also provide new ways of engaging with nature and take its place in the galleries, museums, offices and homes as a new era of compelling...

...Wildlife Art.

art exhibition . Opening of original "Line of Sight - art meets science on Australia's Kimberley shores" at the West Australian Museum - Maritime in May 2011.

octopuses garden
In an Octopus Garden is a photo art and multimedia exhibition of macro marine life under the Busselton Jetty in Western Australia by Peter Strain
Museum Exhibition
Line-of-Sight was first developed as a museum exhibition of wildlife art
Wildlife Photos
A unique artistic approach to wildlife photos in Broome, Australia
abstract photography
A personal approach to abstract photography in nature photography
photography art
art as an intentional process in wildlife photography art
anthropomorphic art
anthropomorphic art in wildlife photography near Broome Australia
macro photography
Macro photography with wildlife art values from Austalia's remote Kimberley coast
nature pictures
Extraordinary nature pictures from Broome, Australia
Modern Photography
Modern Photography
digital photography tips
one of the best digital photography tips you will ever be told
Broome Photographer
Broome photographer Peter Strain has been recognized with a major Museum exhibition for his Wildlife Art
Photography galleries
Photography galleries of wildlife art works by Peter Strain
The anthropocene epoch could be officially declared in very soon
Kimberley corals
Kimberley corals display survival characteristics in heat stress and drying reef conditions
Wildflower Critters
Outline of Wildflower Critters exhibition project

juvenile squid eye kimberley coast

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rabbit moth kimberley coast

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Broome Australia photographer

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