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The Line-of-Sight museum exhibition and multimedia display RECENTLY EXHIBITED AT ALBANY MUSEUM IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA depicts marine life of the Kimberley coast through the eyes and cameras of photographic Artist, Peter Strain

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"Bernard" the tree snail looks like he belongs in the Starwars bar scene but he is actually a real living animal photographed as wildlife art in a mangrove forest near Broome, Australia


While this collection is 'nature photography' - it is not simply a collection of photographs depicting marine animals as if there were no human involvement. The photographs avoid documentary, scientific and taxonomic styles.

The photographic artist intentionally imposes his 'art values' on the subjects to create photo art rather than images of pure observation of nature.

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. A Microdoco about the "Line of Sight Exhibition". While this project started out during the expedition and photography to be subtitled "Art in Nature" the photographer's journey from expedition to Museum Exhibition has created a new personal understanding as...

...Art of the Anthropocene.

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... encourage others to have a look at the Line of Sight Exhibition page...

...and draw attention to the extraordinary National Heritage listed Kimberley coast of northwest Australia.

The values are contemporary and influenced by the photographer's conditioning. The influences are from screen and television from early cartoons to Starwars.

The photographer is part of the first generation to be influenced from childhood to adulthood by television and cinema imagery. The photographer, Peter Strain, also worked as a television cameraperson and producer - so the influences are probably the dominant factors that influenced his 'ways of seeing'.

This is Broome photographer, Peter Strain's...

Line of Sight - how he has come to see life on the Kimberley shores through a photographic journey through to a major Museum Exhibition.

while this exhibition had its first major showing at the West Australian Museum - Maritime in Fremantle, it subsequently had a showing at...

...Notre Dame University in Broome in the Kimberley.

starwars characters in nature

While these pictures could be stills of new characters for the Starwars bar room scene, they are actually photographic images of real snails from the mangrove forests of Australia's Kimberley coast near Broome... is the photographic artists choice of where and when the shutter is pushed that determines that the snails take on a different value for humans...

this is what I call the "line-of-sight". The photographs are 'value laden' intentionally by the photographer.

It is... in nature...

...primarily designed as a museum exhibition but also developing in other mediums. While people have traditionally debated the process of art versus science, this exhibition intentionally bridges between art and marine science

Museum exhibition

This is a bigger shot of Old Doderick as it appears the museum exhibition.

Some of the pictures look like fantasy creatures, but they are also real mangrove tree snails from the inter-tidal mangrove forests of Broome, Australia.

The photographer's line-of-sight intentionally avoids the dominant landscape photography approach that is the common photographic genre used to represent the remote environment of the Kimberley coast.

This intentional photographic approach also avoids the taxonomic techniques of marine science photography whereby animals are photographed 'squarely' and plainly to ensure identification.

The three main values incorporated in the photographic style are of this collection are...

...'wildlife art'...

...'anthropomorphic art'...

...and 'Fine Art Photography' values.

Museum exhibition Fremantle

Museum exhibition, Fremantle Maritime,Anthropocene Museum Exhibition Museum exhibition, Fremantle Maritime, wildlife art

The exhibition of the collection created new dialogues and fascinating narratives from responses to the thousands of people who viewed the collection. .

The following page links provide insight to the commentary and narratives created by the Line of sight Exhibition.

Note links under development
Geomorphologist - comments from the expedition
Geomorpholgy - of the Holocene coast of the remote Kimberley
Horizontal Falls - the popular face of Giant Tides of the Kimberley.
Issac Asimov - bridging art and science for understanding the significance of giant tides country.


Ocean Acidification - what scientists desperately want people to understand.
Roebuck Bay - the Kimberley's gem
Remote Kimberley - how the exhibition represents one of the planet's great treasures
. Travelling Exhibition - a technical description of the Line of Sight exhibition as a travelling museum exhibition

Lease Exhibition - the Line of Sight Exhibition from time to time becomes available as a travelling museum exhibition

Media - the Line of Sight Exhibition has attracted considerable media attention, including print, television, radio and online

Sponsors and stakeholders 2011 - West Australian Museum, Rey Resources, Tropical Marine Services, Sandfire Roadhouse, Notre Dame University, Nulungu Centre for Indigenous Studies, Broome Pictures

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line of sight, wildlife art, Broome photographer

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line of sight, wildlife art, Broome photographer

line of sight, wildlife art, Broome photographer

line of sight, wildlife art, Broome photographer

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line of sight, wildlife art, Broome photographer

line of sight, wildlife art, Broome photographer

line of sight, wildlife art, Broome photographer

line of sight, wildlife art, Broome photographer

line of sight, wildlife art, Broome photographer

line of sight, wildlife art, Broome photographer

line of sight, wildlife art, Broome photographer

line of sight, wildlife art, Broome photographer

line of sight, wildlife art, Broome photographer