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Anthropomorphic pictures are part of everybodys growing up.

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Harley is a mangrove tree snail but he looks like he rides a motorbike. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

Kids eyes greedily devour pictures and stories with cartoon style elephants like Jumbo and all manner of cute creatures with human characteristics.

Cartoons are mostly made of of animals and objects with big eyes and often the ability to speak.

That is the best understanding of... big a part Anthropomorphic Pictures play in our lives.

Kids are naturally interested in animals - it seems to be something kids are born with. But as kids grow we often don't allow them to experience creatures in their natural environment.

They tend to learn, at arms length,about the biggest, the cutest, the rarest, the most dangerous and more and more the most endangered species on the planet. Often without experience creatures in nature at all.

The anthropomorphic Pictures on this website are presented as a link for young and old between the cartoonish experience of nature images presented to us as we grow up and the real world of marine creatures on one of the earths most fascinating coastline...

...the Kimberley coast of northwest Australia.

anthropomorphic pictures

the Grumpy Crab.
We attribute human emotions to animals that are probably not there. Although I did get the impression that this chap wasn't happy having his picture taken.

That is another way our human prejudices work - the attribution of human values to creatures. This can be a good thing because it may change the way we respond to an animal.

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This baby squid is tiny, only about two centimeters long...

...but its eyes are huge...

...compared to its body. Oversize eyes in proportion to the body mass is what we humans register as 'cute'. It comes from our natural need to nurture our babies who seem to be all eyes to us when they are small.

I would find it very difficult to see this little fellow as bait because it appears cute.

Anthropomorphism also work when we humans impose our emotional values on the photo.

The reason the baby squid has such big eyes has undoubtedly got nothing to do with trying to look cute. If I had photographed it without emphasizing the eyes... would make great bait

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