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Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics or behaviour to a god, animal, or object. ref: Oxford Dictionaries

Creating attachment to animals by seeing them with human characteristics both visually and emtionally seems to be built into our genes in the cognitive processes of many cultures.

We humans are naturally narcissistic and are desperate to see ourselves in all parts of nature and even beyond into the spiritual, religous and so called supernatural.

It is so often the principle style of the narratives and beliefs of many cultures and is argueably at the heart of theist religions. Theism has been described as 'anthropomorphising The Divine', in that we give human form and characteristics to our gods.

Modern empirical Science argues that problems can arise when we are unaware that we are making prejudiced judgements because of...

...our natural narcissistic tendency...

...toward seeing everything with affectations from our human values. This is particularly obvious when we project ourselves onto creatures in nature.

This is why modern science teaching encourages students to...

...beware of anthropomorphism.>...

One of the problems arises in marine science when we have far greater empathy for animals that are easily engaged with our emotions driven by our natural tendency toward finding human likenesses and imposing fictional attributes in nature study.

Having said all that I now need to come clean and say that...

...I clearly use anthropomorphism...

...within my photographic collection "Line of Sight - art meets science on Australia's Kimberley coast

While modern scientists need to protect themselves against anthropomorpism - art and religion still revel in it.

My justification for using anthropomphic photography in my Wildlife Art from Australia's Kimberley coast is that we need emotional devices to draw attention to the marine life of this area and...

...the general population only engage with a small selection of iconic animal images used by environmental social groups for fundraising.

By creating photo art from less known animals in the marine world with the use of anthropomorhism in nature photography - I hope people will get interested in marine science and ecology messages that the science world desperately need people to understand...

...Before it's too late.

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