Aunt Rose

Aunt Rose is a mangrove tree snail. You can almost smell the lavender.

Of course she doesn't actually present to other snails or marine life in this pose...

...the photographer has plucked her from her mangrove tree branch.

Turning these beautiful colored creatures upside down can cause them to emerge looking to us humans like a cute cartoon character.

If you are in the Kimberley and walk in one of the wonderful mangrove forest or groves when the tide is out, you can see these little tree snails on the branches and leaves of some of the trees.

It is better not to lift them off because...

...they need to be carefully returned to their same branch...

...because so often they are in pairs and it would take them a long time to venture to other parts of their tree to find their friend again.

It is better if you...

...look but don't touch...

...there are protocols you can adopt when photographing wildlife art

Much of it is common sense and 'caring about creatures'.

my Great Aunt Rose was a very caring human...

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