wildlife-art in Broome Australia

this is a baby-squid photographed at Talbot Bay near the Horizontal Waterfalls.

Evolution has probably conditioned us to nurture animals with large eyes in proportion to the head, limbs and body...

thus we find anything that resembles a baby with large eyes - cute...

Juvenile creatures often have eyes that are larger in proportion to their body and head and thus display

anthropomorphic art values we see as 'cute'

It would be hard to think of a full grown squid as 'cute'.

Some facts about squid...

...Squid have a hard beak of similar shape to a parrot...

...they move by a form of jet propulsion using 'water jets'

...fishermen use them for bait often

you couldn't use a baby one with such big eyes for bait, surely.

If anybody can identify this cute little baby squid - comment below. It was about two centimeters long.


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Could be cuttlefish Not rated yet
This could be a baby cuttlefish. Especially if it was from a reef

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