Ballerina Ant

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the Ballerina Ant is really a Green Ant.

Green ants are one of the most common ants on the Kimberley coast. There are almost always swarms of them together and if you brush against a bush with a colony on it, you can find yourself with dozens of them crawling on your arm or shoulder. they are great to watch though because they are always so busy and so organized.

Sometimes local people will scoop up a few handfuls of them and put them in the billy to make...

...Green ant Tea

There were many moments I could have captured as this green ant preened itself on the leaf of a desert rose bush on a rocky shore near Koolan Island on Australia's remote Kimberley coast; but this pose was what I liked most.

It is worth noting that this is not a typical pose where an ant is doing some 'ant ballet'. It is just the moment I chose to get the picture. The whole ballet thing is just a figment of our human imagination. We impose our... anthropomorphic values on the image...But on the positive side for the ants, if you can relate to the ant with human values (like us)...

.people are less likely to want to chuck "a ballerina" in the billy for...

...Ballerina Ant Tea...

The lesson is that by 'anthropomorphizing' nature we humans are more likely to avoid intentionally or accidentally harming creatures...

...hopefully some of my photographs will encourage people to be kind to nature's creatures when they can afford to

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