Crab on Mudflat

crab on mudflats, Roebuck Bay

This photo crab on mudflat depicts just one of the spectacular colorings of the small Kimberley crabs. Giant Tides of up to ten meters create mudflat environments for millions of colorful crabs on the remote Kimberley shores.

There are so many variations of colour and size with these small crabs from the mudflats and mangrove forest of the Kimberley, that I feel that I see...

...a different kind and colour of crab every trip...

if you think you can identify this little one - please put a note in the form below.

I am told that the holes crabs dig below the mud and sand in the mangrove forests helps to keep flushing water through the soils below the mangroves and thus remove salt build up.

The mangroves expel salt through their roots because they have to extract it from the sea water before utilizing the 'freshened' water within their tree system...

...if there were no tiny little crabs - the Kimberley mangroves couldn't flourish...

Any background on crabs from the Kimberley, (especially uca) would be greatly appreciated.


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