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I traveled out to this oil rig on the mudflats in northwest Australia some time ago. I hired a Canon 5D Mk11 from another photographer on this day because I didn't have a wide enough prime lense for my Sony Alpha 900 that I was using as my full frame body...

...I had to take a brochure level shot...

...of an oil rig on a flat salt plain and I figured it called for the highest resolution and biggest sensor possible.

When I had done all the general shots for background, all the time worried I was going to bump my friends expensive camera and lense, I walked right out on the flat through what turned out to be...

...a difficult muddy trudge.

I did a series of shots in the magic light just before sunset and when I figured I had the hero shot, I stumbled through the mud back to the rig.

The whole time, I was worried I was going to slip and get mud on my associates expensive camera, ot that a friendly crocodile would emerge from the nearby mangrove creek.

There are digital SLR cameras suited for different jobs.

Most expensive SLR cameras don't work as well in the mud as domestic cameras.

Not that I am saying my friends Canon 5D isn't one of the most amazing full frame digital SLR cameras on the market - it's just that...

...sometimes playing nursemade and protector to a huge investment isn't productive.

Here is the picture I finished up with.

digital SLR cameras, oil rig, kimberley coast

WRONG PICTURE - STAY TUNED WE WILL FIND ITThe oil rig on the edge of the marsh
This picture was taken with my wife's $600 12 mega pixel domestic camera because...

...half an hour after sunset the sky lit up with these amazing deep colors and the lights on the oil rig came on.

There was no way I was going to risk the big camera, or even the big tripod out on the mudflat in the twighlight,...

I had to try for the shot.

I grabbed my wife's little fixed zoom lense camera, which I had brought along to play, and a light 'mud' tripod and trudged back out onto the darkening flat, wondering about crocodiles and the bearby mangrove creek at several points.

You get the drift from there...

...I got the shot and it beat my previous hero shot hands down.

At 12 mega pixels versus 23 megapixels - it didn't matter to the client. Unless you are going to crop severley 6 megapixels is sufficient for most magazine work.

I've shot stuff that has been in Australian Geographic at 10 Megapixels on the original Sony Alpha 100s.

These days I am very attached to a Canon 7D because it's body is built to take a bit of the dust, mud and saltwater splashes I work with, but even then I tend to get far more use out of two Canon 550D bodies I originally bought for one project and expected to sell off. digital SLR cameras,Canon 7D, photo tips

digital SLR camera, 550D,photography tips

The 550D are termed a semi professional digital SLR cameras but apart from having a plastic body and only one processor instead of two - they do just almost as good a job as the 7D and have the same whopping 18 megapixels...

...for half the price.

But I wouldn't recommend the 550 over the 7D if you want to do fast shots like sport or flying birds.

Here is an interesting key idea for those who want to do macro photography which is my specialty...

...Smaller sensors are better for macro than expensive 'full-frame sensors...

...because the smaller the sensor, the greater the depth of field with most macro rigs. And in macro shots - depth of field is a big issue.

I call my 550D bodies, my marine cameras, because if I drop them in the water - I can afford to buy another one.

However, there are times when more expensive cameras are worthwhile...

...just be sure you are spending your money wisely.

I will provide updated technical information through links to various digital SLR cameras, but I hope these short stories can convince you not to just run out and spend money on the most expensive camera other people recommend...

...If you want specific up to date thoughts on your choice of digital SLR cameras......

- send me a note in the enquiries and comments below

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