kimberley094 Spider Shell eyes

kimberley094, spider shell eyes, mollusk, wildlife art

kimberley094 is a wildlife art photograph of the two amazing eyes on stalks from Spider Shell photographed at Montgomery Reef during the Line of Sight expedition aboard the Olivia J in 2010.

Captain John Maher told me about the amazing eyes on these shells and set about to show me. The result is a series of phoots that look to me like...

...a Punch and Judy puppet scene from the ocean

These eyes on stalks seem to operate separately to each other.

If anyone knows more about these incredible eyes...

...please comment below


spider shell, wildlife art, punch and judy, Line of sight exhibition

To me, this picture of two spider shell eyes on stalks looks like a puppet show in a kitchen where an adult is teaching a little kid to make scones at a bench.

It could mean something else to someone else. that is often the way with... as wildlife art.


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