Macro Depth of Field.

by Murry Rhodes
(Broome, W.A, Australia)

Thanks.. I am new to Macro, well to be honest Photography in general and have just been using a Sony PJ760 to capture a few still images in 24.1 Mega Pixels.. Although I'm getting some nice crisp shots under 10cm. I was wondering about how I might increase the depth of field as I get approximately 70% of the image in perfect clarity but outside of the focussed area sometimes I lose that Clarity... I have some nice shots of Fiddler Crabs and a few other Subjects and for the most part they are clear.. I was wondering about how to increase that depth and thanks to your explanation I guess I can move forward..

Hey Just a suggestion, but have you considered plonking a FaceBook link onto your site? It makes it far easier to re-find sites...

Anyway.. Cheers

Murry Rhodes

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