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I have strong personal views about getting great nature pictures in the marine environment developed from some extraordinary experiences. and working alongside some great people.This is my friend Chris Powick aboard the Olivia J.

Chris is a marine logistics specialist who really understands my needs as a photographic artist in the Kimberley environs because he is a nature photographer himself. He normally swims every morning, but sometimes he can't be bothered. Professional logistics skills and support are a must to work safely and effectively in extreme marine environments like Australia's amazing Kimberley coast.

Chris is also a specialist photographer and his specialty is pictures of birds.

Often nature photography relies on the documentary interest - especially in what I know as...

...adventure photography

This is not my forte. You reach a point in life where pumping adrenalin is no longer a priority.

nature picture, Kimberley, mangrove heron

This is my favorite bird - the Grey Heron.

They walk slowly and carefully and can stay perfectly still for ages. This bird teaches me a lot about photography. More and more I am discovering that if you move slowly and carefully and stay still...

...great opportunities in pictures about nature 'come to you'.

"Nature-photography" is really a fairly broad 'catch-all' phrase. It even includes "landscape photography" - but there are just so many Kimberley photographers doing "Kimberley landscapes" that I tend to stay out of it. I look for detail in nature.

nature picture, Darwin Red Legs, crab art

A Flame Fiddler Crab
The fact that I like taking my time and observing small things in nature in detail is what makes my style of photography different.

My advice to anyone who wants to do extraordinary nature pictures is...

...find your own photographic niche

...make photography personal

...take most of your lessons from nature

...and practice, practice, practice.

... and did I say 'practice safely'

It is no use waiting for the that magic moment of nature to appear - and then to start practicing your techniques.

Practice taking pictures of any common objects - so when the magic moment in nature presents itself, you...

...don't miss the shot.

nature picture,fiddler crab,wildlife art

Fiddler crabs don't wait for you to get your camera and lense settings right. You have to have practiced it all before the moment arrives for you to capture pictures from nature.

Often the chance to get a particular picture only presents for a very short moment and you may never see that particular shot again. On the other hand, if you are practiced and prepared... will have the picture forever.

Successful nature and wildlife photographers don't just jag the occasional good nature picture - they are consistently ready...

...when the 'lucky' moment occurs.

Macro shot of a bird that landed on the deck of the MV Olivia J during the 2010 Line of Sight photographic expedition.

wildlife picture,Booby bird,pictures of birds

This is a Booby bird's eye.

Taking photographs of nature amongst the crabs and creatures of reefs, mangroves and the benthos life of the Kimberley inter-tidal world has a side benefit that is probably even more worthwhile than getting great nature pictures - you get to...

...spend time immersed in the natural world...

...observing and learning about nature.


I am preparing a gallery of downloadable nature pictures for computer desktop images.

Gallery - of desktop background pictures nature


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